The Adoption Process

Thank you for choosing Texas Australian Labradoodles

as your multi-generational Australian Labradoodle breeder!

Brief overview of our Policy and Procedures:

There may be times when Mother Nature does not cooperate with our plans


  • Fewer puppies may be born than anticipated. You may wish to wait until the following litter for the pair or you may choose a puppy from a different litter (your name will be added to the waitlist in the order the deposits were received)

  • We may not be able to access the originally planned stud. We may have to choose another stud dog for the breeding

  • We do not use heat-inducing agents and we cannot control timing of our girls’ heat cycles (predictions are based on normal cycle intervals)

  • A breeding may not result in pregnancy. In this case, you may wish to wait until the following litter for the pair or you may choose a puppy from a different litter (your name will be added to the waitlist in the order the deposits were received)

  • Because our moms live together in a cohisive cohort, they all may go into heat at the same time, or start their cycle within weeks of each other.
  • Texas Australian Labradoodles can only estimate your puppy’s adult size based on past litters and the size of parents mated.
  • Our puppies are non-shedding, allergy friendly, and have incredibly calm temperaments, many of them go on to become service, therapy or emotional support dogs. This makes the wait time for our puppies 8-12 months.
  • Do not place a deposit for a puppy if you are not certain you want a puppy or unwilling to wait (all deposits and payments are non-refundable).
  • Once a reservation is made, we will add your name to your preffered litter.
  • Waiting lists are filled in the order the deposits are received. 
  • We are willing to add your name to the waiting list for more than one litter. However, please keep in mind that once the puppies from the first litter are 3-4 weeks old, you will have to make a decision if you would like to remain with that litter or wait for the next litter you signed up for.  

  • Waiting list protocol:

    • If the “Breeder’s choice” spots remain unfilled, your name will move up on the waiting list.  
    • If we have a cancelation, your name may move up on the list.
    • If we need to add someone to the list because they were unable to take a puppy home from one of our current litter, your name may move down on the list.
    • Texas Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to hold any 2 puppies from any litter for our program.

    • Although you may let us known which is your favorite puppy, all puppies are allocated based on the results of the Temperament Testing results.

    • Temperament testing is conducted during the last week the puppies are in our home (test results are inaccurate prior to 7 weeks). For this reason, we will not be able to let you know which puppy is yours until a day or two before pickup date.

    • Puppy pickup is by appointment only.

    • Please use a restroom before you arrive as at this time, we do not have one available for use.

    • All puppies must be paid for in full 1 week before they are picked up.

    • We do not allow our puppies to leave our home before they are 8 weeks of age. We use every day for training and socialization to ensure that they get the best start in life possible (it would also be unethical to place them early).

    • All of our puppies are examined by our Veterinarian, prior to leaving our home.

    • Texas Australian Labradoodles is here to provide lifetime support. Please email, text, or call us if you have any questions.

    1. Allergy-Friendly Puppies Are Born

    Once your adoption application has been approved and we have received your initial deposit, your name is placed on the waiting list for the new Australian Labradoodle puppies. When the puppies are born, you will receive a  “Litter Announcement” email. Pictures and videos including updates of the Australian Labradoodle puppies will be provided at regular intervals on our website. We will also be sending you additional periodic updates so that you could be part of the puppies’ growth and development. 

    2. Choosing Your Labradoodle Puppy

    Our allergy-friendly Australian Labradoodle puppies are allocated between 7-8 weeks of age after the temperament testing is completed. Although we consider your requests, all allocations are done based on temperament and personality testing that cannot be conducted accurately until the puppies are 7 weeks old. This approach ensures that there is “no last puppy chosen” issue and that the puppies are placed in homes that best match their temperament, desired personal characteristics, and your lifestyle.

    3. Puppy Progress Updates & Open House

    Once we have matched your family’s requirements to a specific Australian Doodle puppy, we will send you information and pictures of the puppy. When the Australian Labradoodle puppies are 7 weeks old, we will hold an Open House where you can bring your family to meet and play with your new puppy. This is also when we meet in person. We will be available to asnwer any additional questiones that you may have.






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    4. Going Home

    At 8 weeks old your Australian Doodle puppy will be ready to go home with you. We will be sending you a tentative schedule to choose a preffered day/time.

    Along with your new Labradoodle puppy, you will receive a bag of puppy goodies, a sample bag of Life’s Abundance All Stages dog food, individual grooming instruction, puppy care instructions (emailed), samples of homemade puppy soap/shampoo from Newport Coast Soap Co. and homemade Woofrific Snack Treats and Training Treats that are made without preservatives or artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners from SugarBay Creations.

    Please do not forget to bring your Puppy Contract as this is when it will be signed (we will be emailing you a copy of signed contract for your records).

    **The balance for your puppy must clear at least 1 week before the puppy is picked up.** 

    Texas Australian Labradoodles recommend Snuggle Puppy Toy to assist with your puppy’s transition to your new home. The Snuggle Puppy Toy is made by Smart Pet Love and offers a “real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and heat source that mimic being part of a pack and works to ease loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety. It is also a great tool for crate training that makes your puppy feel less alone and decreases crying and whining. This means less complaining and improved sleep through the night…for you and your puppy!

    Please let us know if you are interested in taking a Snuggle Puppy Toy with your puppy as we can offer it to you at a discount!

    5. Boarding Services

    Please let us know if you require additional boarding or basic Labradoodle puppy training. We offer these services for additional fee ($45/day or $225/week). 

    Please contact us as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements. 

    6. Transportation & Shipping

    We understand that picking your puppy up in person may not be an option for you so we will do the work for you.  You don’t have to worry about the weather, road conditions or other factors. Our work is not done until we get your puppy safely to you!

    Hand Delivery By Car
    91¢ per mile (round way)
    + $25 for every 4.5 hours of travel time
    + $150 lodging fee per 8 hours of travel time

     Hand Delivery By Air 
    Cost of round-trip ticket + airline cabin pet fee
    + $25 for every 4.5 hours of travel time
    + $150 lodging fee per 8 hours of travel time
    *(time starts 2 hours prior to flight and one hour after landing at final destination)

    Direct Air Shipping
    Once COVID restrictions are lifted, we can use direct air shipping, which ranges from around $500.00 and up depending on the location, availability, and date reservations are made.

    Shipping charges are due before we ship your puppy to you and include air shipping crate, blanket, health certificate, USDA documents, destination charges, and delivery to airport, etc.