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At this time we do not have any dogs in need of a Guardian Home…

Our Guardian Program

Texas Australian Labradoodles is a Labradoodle breeder that works to protect the future of authentic multigenerational Australian Labradoodle and maintain top quality of our breeding program. We would love to keep all of our Australian doodles with us however, there is just not enough time in the day to give all doodles the attention, care, and training they need. Therefore, we feel that Guardian Families are best equipped to give our potential breeding doodles the best possible start in life. The Guardian Families raise our potential breeding puppies and once they are retired from our program, they keep their doodles as family companions. 

There are many families that are willing and able to provide the regular health care, safety, and training to our beautiful Labradoodle puppies in Texas that would be part of our program, but that may have difficulty with the up-front startup costs. If you meet the Guardian Family requirements, please contact us today to start the approval process and become a Guardian Parent.

Requirements to Join Our

Labradoodle Guardian Program

  1. Live within 45 minutes from us
  2. Do not own any intact dogs while being a Guardian Parent
  3. Provide required high quality Life’s Abundance All Stages dog food
  4. Provide required immune boosting supplement NuVet supplement (order code 527711)
  5. Live in a home that has a securely fenced yard (pools must be fenced in as well)
  6. Have prior experience with dog ownership
  7. Provide controlled exercise opportunities
  8. Provide socialization and basic obedience skills
  9. Provide heartworm/flea/tick prevention, as well as regular vet checks, including vaccines
  10. Notify us of any changes (new medications, diet needs, etc)
  11. Agree to bring the dog to us for breeding, whelping and/or our vet (when needed)
  12. Keep us updated on the dog’s progress and updates via texts/email
  13. Keep the dog groomed properly and check with us if any major changes need to be made (this means outside of a normal doodle coat

More Program Information

If you have chosen a female Australian Labradoodle, either you can take her to the vet for testing or we will need intermittent access to her for hormone testing and for breeding during her heat cycle. We will handle the scheduling, and all expenses related to breeding will be covered by Texas Australian Labradoodles. ***Guardian Family only pays for normal veterinary care and usual expenses, such as food, treats, toys, annual vaccination updates, preventive care, etc., for the duration the dog partakes in our breeding program.

You will need to notify Texas Australian Labradoodles at the first sign of your female dog’s heat cycle. We will either meet you at our vet’s office or pick up your girl and take her to her scheduled appointments related to breeding, as needed. During her pregnancy, we will provide any required prenatal supplements/vitamins. When your girl is approximately 3 days away from her expected due date, she will come to stay with us through her delivery and until she has weaned her puppies at around 7-8 weeks of age. Once the puppies are weaned, we will return her to you (she will be away from you for approximately 8-9 weeks).

If you are a Guardian to a male dog, his time away from you will be much shorter although he may be needed on more than one occasion.

Breedings may be done at Texas Australian Labradoodles or at a veterinary office, depending on the need of our program. We can either meet you at our vet’s office for a breeding during scheduled appointments related, when needed. If the appointment is at the vet’s office, the dog will return home with you the same day. If the breeding will be done at our home, he may stay with us for up to a week, then return home to you (unless his services are required for another female).

At the end of your dog’s breeding career (5 years old for females and 7 years old for males), you will need to submit $1,000.00 payment for your dog and then he/she will be yours forever. ***To receive your dog’s registration and pedigree as well as all the completed health test results, we need to verify that your dog was neutered/spayed.***

This is a brief overview of the Texas Australian Labradoodles’ Guardian Program. If you feel you meet the above criteria and would like to be considered for our Guardian Program, please contact Texas Australian Labradoodles so that we may provide you with the Guardian Program application and so that we may further discuss details and requirements and answer any questions that you may have.