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Testimonials for Texas Australian Labradoodles

We adopted our beautiful girl from Texas Australian Labradoodles earlier this year and she has been a show stopper! Every time we go for walks or are on other excursions, people stop us all the time commenting on how beautiful and well behaved our girl is and she seems to bask in it, lol. She loves the attention she gets but is smart enough to keep close to us. We believe it is because Alex’s puppies and parent dogs are not kept in kennels but are part of her family. We visited Texas AL breeder and we were so impressed with the type of care and accommodations they have for their puppies! It was very evident that the care and attention Alex puts in when breeding and raising of her puppies and dogs is unparalleled. We checked out many other breeders before coming to Texas AL and none compared! We came out all the way from Southern California to pick up our puppy and fell in love with her from the first moment we met. We love our sweet, smart, and beautiful girl and now all my friends want an multigen Australian Labradoodle too! We highly recommend Alex as a breeder and her Texas Australian Labradoodles program.

Magdalana T., Orange County, CA 6/15/19

I want to thank Alex and the Texas Australian Labradoodles for my awesome Oliver. We love him so much! My husband and I have decided to bring a puppy home after our kids watched Oliver and company and the begging for a dog started. After so many weeks, we finally gave in. Having two small kids, I was looking for a low maintenance dog that is allergy friendly as my youngest suffers from allergies. I found Texas Australian Labradoodles and after speaking with the breeder, I put down the deposit for a puppy. I have had no regrets since! We got our puppy tree months later. While waiting for Oli to become old enough to leave his momma, we have received weekly picture and video updates of our puppy. All of his siblings were so cute, but he was the cutest one, I swear!!! Due to the distance, we were not able to pick up our puppy in person so we had him shipped. He came to us vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. We received Oli in a crate that we used to continue crate training at night along with heath documents, detailed puppy progress sheets and lots and lots of goodies. My husband and I were and continue to be very impressed with Texas Australian Labradoodles and we recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a great pet. So informative about the breed. This is definitely the best breeder to buy from.

Parker R., Stillwater, OK 3/25/19

I visited Alexis’ website a couple of months ago. My initial thought was that she had adorable labradoodles but I could not stop thinking about them! Then I visited the “Learning Center” and learned a whole lot about Labradoodles that I did not know before! After some initial research, I reached out and got more information on that adorable breed. She was very understanding and helpful. I asked many questions and she patiently answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. Once I reserved my puppy I received many pictures and update videos. I was also able to visit with my puppy, which was very nice that I was able to meet my puppy before I brought him home. Once it was time to pick up my puppy, I received a very generous puppy package and personalized grooming instruction, which I really appreciated! She shared with me resources and techniques to help me take good care of my new baby. Since bringing my Dolan home, my whole family fell in love with him and is always the center of attention! He has already started crate training, so we didn’t have any problems at night. I am so grateful that God sent Alexis and her Texas Australian Labradoodles into our lives… Thank you so much as God bless!

Aida P., Wichita Falls, TX 3/14/19

Hi Alex, I just want to let you know how crazy my family is about Gus. Thank you for spending time with me and walking me through the process of becoming a Guardian Parent. You are a generous and wonderful person that can empathize with anyone! You have worked with me to help me understand the process and stayed with me all though way until we brought Gus home. You were honest in dealing with me and to ensure that Gus has a great home! People like you don’t come around very often. Gus is a gentle boy and a very happy dog. Everyone loves him and he is absolutely precious. I feel that everyone out there who is looking for a true multigenerational Australian Labradoodle should check out Texas Australian Labradoodles in Texas. What an awesome breeder that truly cares for her pets!

David E., Devine, TX 2/18/19