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Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles

Older Trained Puppies

  • Official ALCA grading (Australian Labradoodles only)
  • Very sweet and affectionate
  • Great people connection
  • Completed temperament testing
  • Potential for service dogs as well as family pets
  • Playful yet calm
  • Learning to mand
  • Potty trained (puppies older than 5 months)
  • Crate trained¬†
  • Wavy fleece non-shedding and allergy friendly coat
  • Age appropriate vaccinations and wormings
  • Microchipped

Ella & Rex’s puppies

Born: 7/04/2022

Weight at maturity: 20-30 lbs (miniature)

Grading: A5/Certified


Bailey (Fuchsia Girl 6005)

This is Bailey. She has hazel eyes that can melt anyone’s heart. Bailey has soft wavy fleece chocolate coat and has the rare lavender coloring in her leanage. Bailey gives good eye contact and she is people focused. Playful and silly, she is a pleasure to be around. A quck learner and a willing attitude to learn makes her a great candidate for an Emotional support dog. Her people love would make her an exceptional family companion or a Service dog prospect. Bailey is currently 20 lbs and she should be around 25-30 lbs when fully grown.

Piper (Yellow Girl 7702)

Piper is a playful and happy puppy. Her joy of others is evident in her happy tail wagging. Piper has calm nature that is sweet, intuitive and affectionate. She loves to spend time with people of all ages and she shows her appreciation for others through her kisses and enthusiastic tail wagging. Piper loves spending time outside, hanging out on the porch and chasing her friends. She has beautiful hazel eyes and soft wavy fleece chocolate coat like her sisters. Piper’s sweet nature makes her a great candidate for an Emotional support dog or an exceptopnal family companion. Piper is currently 20 lbs and she should be around 25-30 lbs when fully grown.

Mochi & Levi’s puppies

Born: 7/16/2022

Weight at maturity: 30-35 lbs (medium)

Grading: A5/Certified


Aspen (Black Boy 8573)

Aspen is a lover boy! He is gentle, affectionate and loves being around people. He is very sweet and calm. He will sit at your feet and look at you with his gorgeous hazel puppy eyes to get some loving from you. Aspen is a happy puppy and he loves everyone. With his beautiful calm temperament and easy going nature, he will be an incredible dog when he is grown. He is smart, eager to please and people oriented. Aspen is incredibly smart and he is attention and play motivated and he picks up on commands very fast. He gives wonderful eye contact and is more than happy to wait to receive his share of love and attention. He will make an incredible addition to any family and would make an excellent Emotional support dog. He has hazel eyes and a wonderful luxurious caramel ice wavy fleece coat. Aspen is currently 20 lbs and she should be around 30-35 lbs when fully grown.

Cleo & Saba’s puppies

Born: 10/08/2022

Weight at maturity: 50-60 lbs (standard)

Grading: A4/Certified

Red Girl 9201

Blue Boy 1939

Green Boy 1093

We have miniature Sheepadoodles available now!!!

Australian Sheepadoodles

Born: 7/07/2022

Weight at maturity: 40-45 lbs (miniature)

Orange Girl “Luna”

Black Boy “Bruno”

Pink Girl “Molly”