Puppy Resourcs

Texas Australian Labradoodles has put together a list of products that we found effective and that we use with our puppies and dogs.

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Puppy and Dog Crate Guide



We recommend a dual door crate with a divider. It makes toilet training a million times easier (make the space smaller) and keeps your puppy safe at night whilst the family is asleep. This will also decrease the need to purchase a larger crate when your puppy gests bigger (make puppy’s space larger/take out the partition if not needed). The best puppy crate is one which is big enough for them to stand up, stretch out, turn around and lie down in.



  • 24″ crate for miniature Labradoodles
  • 30″ crate for medium Labradoodles
  • 36″ for standard Labradoodles

Puppy and Dog Bedding

You may want to purchase two different beds. One for the crate and another one for the house.
Whatever bed you buy, ensure that it is machine washable and you can dry it in a dryer.

Snuggle Puppy Toy

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

You can get the training aid on Amazon or you can get it at a discount from us. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like one for your puppy.

Dripless Water Bowl

Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl

The Slopper Stopper water bowl has been designed to reduce water spills and trails by up to 85% or more by not allowing the Muzzle of the Dog to get soaking wet.

Dog Natural Chews

Your puppy will be teething and will have the urge to chew various objects.

To minimize likelihood of inappropriate chewing, invest in good quality chew toys/bones to keep him busy.

High Quality Puppy/Dog Food

Texas Australian Labradoodles recommends only high quality puppy/dog food for your puppy. It is gentle on the stomach and has not been linked to is. We highly recommend Life’s Abundance All Stages dog food. This company makes both types of food, grain free and regular version wtih grain.
When ordering Life’s Abundance food, please click the link above or you may call 1-877-387-4564 and use Representative #20677139.
You can choose grain-free (teal bag) or regular version (lime green bag) of the food.

Click here to order

High Quality Puppy/Dog Supplementation

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use order code 527711

Texas Australian Labradoodles recommends NuVet supplements  to fortify our puppies/dog’s diets because it can be difficult for them to get all the needed nutrients from food, all the time. NuVet supplements can help:

STRENGTHEN   Immune system

ALLEVIATE       Itching & scratching

PROMOTE       Healthy skin & coat

INCREASE       Energy level

SUPPORT        Healthy hips & joints

EXPAND         Mobility & function

IMPROVE       Quality of life

NuVet Plus® is a natural, full-spectrum supplement given as a treat that strengthens the immune systempromote healthy skin & coat, relieves itching & scratching, and improve quality of life. It’s used by many as an excellent prenatal and to keep pups healthy as they transition with the stress of a new homes & vaccines.

NuJoint Plus® is a premium, natural hip and joint supplement that rebuilds cartilage, keeps joints lubricated, promotes healthy hips.  It can quickly and effectively improve quality of life and give back the ‘pep in their step’.  Prevention is best…start early! 

Playpen – Dog and Baby Gates

The playpens are optional but useful if you will be leaving your puppy alone for longer periods of time. We encourage playpens to minimize access to areas you don’t want your puppy in when he is alone. You can choose a plastic or metal one, depending on your preference.  

Dog Harness and Collars

Texas Australian Labradoodles

This anti-pulling dog harness is specially designed with two heavy duty metal clips for safer dog walks. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for casual walks, jogging, hiking, etc.

  • It is No Pull Choke Free
  • Very easy to use, just slip over the head and fasten on the side of the chest
  • Padded Breathable Nylon Harness
  • Super Bright Reflective Straps

Dog Grooming Tools

Slicker Brush

(helps remove loose coat)

Professional Ear Powder

Fold the ear back and shake a small amount of the Ear Powder on the ear hair in the ear canal.
  • Work powder into the hair so that it’s well distributed, reaching to the base of the hair strand. This helps to grip the hair and cause it to pull out more easily.
  • Grasp a small amount of hair in the ear canal with your fingers and pull them out. This may be uncomfortable but not painful.
  • Do not pull hair from outer ear as this may be painful.

Ear Cleaner

  • Dampen (not soak) a large cotton ball or a makeup remover cotton pad with the medicated ear cleaner.
  • Pack the cotton ball/pad into the opening of the ear canal.
  • Massage the ear gently to work the solution contained in the cotton ball/pad in the ear creases to loosen wax and dirt.
  • Remove cotton ball. With a second cotton ball/pad slightly moistened gently wipe out the ear canal and the ear leather, removing wax and dirt.
  • Repeat as needed.