Old English Sheepdog Girls

Magnificent Lola

AKC: DN63783302

>  Sire:  Zeus XI

>  Dam:  Ztella

>  Color:  Blue & White

>  Size:  Small Standarad 48 lbs (22” at the withers)

>  DOB:  9/07/2020

>  OFA Hips:  Normal

>  OFA Elbows:  Normal

>  Acral Mutaion Syndrome:  Normal

>  Cerebellar Degeneration:  Normal

>  CDDY with IVDD:  Normal

>  DM:  Normal 

>  EIC:  Carrier

>  Multidrug Resistance 1:  Normal

> Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia:  Normal 

>  CDPA:  Normal

Magnificent Lola is a very loving, intelligent, and spunky young Old English Sheepdog female who never fails to make us smile. Her loving and bubbly personality shines through every day. She loves to cuddle, watch TV, and play with everyone around including our cat. She is independent and at the same time she loves to cuddle with us. She is about 45 lbs and 22 inches tall. Her head is all white, which makes her a “snow cap” and her body is blue in color. She has brown eyes.

Lola she has passed all her health tests with great results and she has become a great addition to our program!