How to Safely Celebrate Halloween With Your Labradoodle

How to Safely Celebrate Halloween With Your Labradoodle

Halloween is one of the best times of the year for many. Nothing can beat the changing of the leaves and the cool crisp autumn air. If you are a big fan of the holiday, you most likely enjoy the aspect of spooky scares and frights. This year, Halloween is going to be a little different. It will be difficult to trick-or-treat and remain six feet apart. Social gatherings have generally been limited this year, but they are not completely eradicated. There are still many ways you and your labradoodle can enjoy a spooktacular Halloween holiday.

1. Solve Mysteries

Since the virus has swept the country, we have spent a lot more hours at home with our pets. So, a good way to create a fun, different experience could be to hang out with your friends and their pets virtually. Once your group has congregated, you can play out a fun mystery game. Nothing is more exciting and suspenseful than a classic whodunit. 

2. Dress Up

Halloween is not Halloween without dressing up in costumes, and there is nothing cuter than a Labradoodle puppy in costume. There are countless options online for terrific pet and owner duo costumes. Once you and your Labradoodle have selected the perfect costume, make sure you let the world know by sharing some adorable pictures on social media.

3. Decorate

Whether you live in an apartment or house, you can show off your Halloween spirit by decorating your surroundings with some spooky décor. There are countless Halloween themed stores in which you have a large selection of ghoulish decorations. You do not have to limit yourself to bedazzling up your living quarters, but your Labradoodle’s stuff as well.

4. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A pumpkin patch is the perfect place for your dog to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air as you get to pick a big orange ball of fun. There is no question that your dog would have the time of their life in a large field full of pumpkins.

Just because Halloween may look different this year, does not mean you and your Labradoodle can not have an enjoyable and festive Halloween experience. For more information about raising an Australian Labradoodle, browse the Texas Australian Labradoodles blog


How to Choose the Right Vet for You and Your Labradoodle

How to Choose the Right Vet for You and Your Labradoodle

After you bring home your new best friend, it is essential that you find the right veterinarian. Your multigenerational Australian Labradoodle puppy’s health should be priority number one. As a new pet owner, you should ask yourself, how do I know if I have found the right veterinarian for my Labradoodle? Whether you opt to go with the holistic vet or the conventional choice, you must know that this is a personal choice that only you can make. Although it is your choice, here are some guidelines that might help you narrow down your decision.

Communication is very key. It is vital that you select a vet that is open with you. Also, work with someone who will talk with you, not at you. A great vet will not push their opinions on you and demand that you go along with their methods, but instead will ask for your input and thoughts about your Labradoodle’s health and your preferences.

Ask for referrals. If you have acquaintances with pets as well, ask them about their vets and see who they trust. Before you schedule an official appointment, it is a good idea to make a preliminary visit to take a tour and preview the staff and environment to see if it is a good fit. 

Cost. Texas Australian Labradoodles provides complimentary 30-day Trupanion Pet Insurance. If you choose to extend this service, your puppy insurance will cover diagnostics, medications, surgeries, hospital stays, prescription foods, prosthetic and orthotic devices, carts, supplements and herbal therapy. Other services would be covered at additional cost, such as rehabilitation therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, behavioral modification and therapy, homeopathy, and naturopathy. Since most vets will accept Trupanion Pet Insurance, choose a vet that will deliver the highest quality service to ensure that your new furry one is in the best of hands. Ask questions and analyze the payment options. Know when all your fees are due and which methods of payment are accepted.

Schedule check-ups regularly. If your preliminary vet visit is a success, do not waste any time and get your Labradoodle in for a routine check-up. Make sure your puppy is healthy and happy, so if there is anything wrong you can be ahead of it. 

What if something goes wrong? If the first visit with your new vet does not go as well as you expected, there is no reason to panic. Do not be shy about trying a handful of clinics, each one is different, and one may feed your needs better than others. 

For more information about how to raise a healthy and happy Australian Labradoodle, visit our Texas Australian Labradoodles blog


How to Keep Your Labradoodle Cool During the Hottest Months

How to Keep Your Labradoodle Cool During the Hottest Months

When it comes to the hottest days of summer, one vital thing for a dog owner to remember is how to keep their pet cool when the weather reaches unbearable temperatures. It is fairly natural to have the desire to stay indoors and bask in the oasis that is air conditioning, but dogs need to have some time throughout the day to go outside and exercise. But, your dog is still at risk of the same dangers that humans face when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. It is essential that as an owner you are always staying vigilant at cooling down your pup when they have finished frolicking outside, here are some tips that will assist you in doing so. 

  1. Keep Your Labradoodle Hydrated. Like humans, staying hydrated is key for staying healthy during the warm parts of the year. It will also help the animal cool down quickly. Always keep a keen eye on their bowl, to make sure it is never empty. 
  2. Feed Your Labradoodle Cold Treats. After being in the sun, it can be extremely refreshing to enjoy a popsicle or other frozen treats to cool down, the same can be said for dogs. You can actually find dog ice cream at most pet stores, or you can even make your own frozen treats. 
  3. Keep Your Pup Shaded. When you take your dog outside, be certain there is access to some time of shade for them to take a much-needed break. This can be huge for making sure your dog is kept at a comfortable temperature. 
  4. Keep Your Dog Properly Groomed. When your labradoodle has a long, thick coat, it can insulate the heat and become dangerous for your Labradoodle. It is a good rule of thumb to groom your dog on a frequent basis, to keep it cool and comfortable. 
  5. Buy a Kiddie Pool. Whether or not you have children, a kiddie pool is a must-have for the warm, summer months. Labradoodles love to play in the water, and it also keeps their body’s temperatures at a healthy level. 

For more helpful tips concerning your Labradoodle, visit the Texas Australian Labradoodles blog

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Labradoodle Puppy

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Labradoodle Puppy

There are many tasks that come hand-in-hand with owning a Australian Labradoodle including exercising, training, spending time with, and feeding your puppy. There are some owners that know what they’re going to name their puppy long before they even begin their Labradoodle parent duties. On the other hand, some owners take a while to pick the perfect name. This important decision can prove to be difficult, because they want to make sure that it is the perfect name and that it fits their puppy well. Finding the perfect name for the newest member of the family may not be as simple as it seems, but when you finally find a name that fits, you’ll be glad you took the extra time. The following are a few ideas for naming your Australian Labradoodle.

Celebrity Names:

Many people have favorite celebrities and role models that have affected their lives in some way or another. Whether this character or person is fictional or living doesn’t matter, either can be potential names for your favorite Labradoodle. 

Favorite Food:

Everybody loves food and has a personal connection to your favorites. This one might be a little out of left field but could be a cute fit for your new best friend. A name like Biscuit, Peaches, or T-Bone could be the perfect name for your furry pet. 

People Names:

Perhaps you have had a name in mind for a child, but for whatever reason you’re done having children or your spouse has previously vetoed this name for a little human. You still like the name but have nowhere to use it. Or maybe you have a grandparent or uncle who you look up to or who just happens to have a name you enjoy. Try it out on your Labradoodle puppy and see if it fits their look and personality.

Names Based on Looks: 

There are many names that can be matched to your Labradoodle puppy based purely on their physical coloring or characteristics. Names such as Snowball, Charcoal, and Caramel describe the color of the puppy bearing them. Also, depending on where their coloring is or if it creates certain patterns, you may want to name them accordingly. For instance, a name like Bandit may suit a Larabadoodle with dark fur around their eyes. If they have random patches of color on their coat, a name like Patches may work nicely.

Your Background:

Names can blossom from a variety of places. For example, you can choose an important place or moment in your past. You could name your new pet the name of a town that you once lived, or even something that stands out to you from your culture or religion. 

For more helpful tips concerning your Labradoodle, visit the Texas Australian Labradoodles blog.

Labradoodle Parents: How to Work From Home With a Dog

Labradoodle Parents: How to Work From Home With a Dog

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, every one of us has had to pivot and change the way we do things to keep our families and ourselves safe. For some of us, that means working from home. And if you’ve never had to work from home, you’re now very familiar with the avalanche of potential distractions. For dog owners, one of these distractions may be a fur baby who is really excited to spend more time with you. But how do you balance giving your Labradoodle the attention he needs and finishing your work tasks for the day? Here are some tips and tricks for retaining your paycheck, as well as your sanity. 

Set aside time to play with your Australian Labradoodle

When you have an office to go to everyday, your boss and coworkers can help keep you accountable and it is often easier to stay on task and manage your time. But at home, you have to create that environment yourself. To prevent your Labradoodle or other distractions from wasting your work time, set aside time to play with your four-legged friend and let it burn off energy. This is also a great way to reinforce obedience with your dog. 

Create a separate workspace which your pet cannot enter

The best way to ensure that your dog does not interfere with your work is by not letting them inside your workspace. They can have access to the rest of your home but leave the workspace for work. This can help you achieve the balance that you need to be productive. 

Never give into whining for attention

Whining is a way for dogs to communicate, and is useful in situations where a dog is hurt or stressed. Sometimes your Labradoodle may whine to communicate that a potty break is needed, obviously in this situation it’s best to take him outside. But automatically responding to whining with attention may reinforce this behavior, and cause him to whine about everything. Your Labradoodle puppy may do whatever he can to get the attention that he is used to getting when you’re home, including whining, crying, and displaying some other naughty behavior.

Keep your Labradoodle distracted and well exercised

A bored or unexercised puppy may engage in troublesome behaviors that he has never exhibited before. The best solution? Prevention.

If you know you will be staying home to work, take your puppy for an early walk. This way, both of you will stay busy… You can accomplish your work-goals for the day and your Labradoodle puppy will be busy resting and getting ready for his afternoon adventures. It is key that you keep your puppy from getting bored by providing adequate exercise and a wide variety of chew toys to keep him busy for a long time. 

Visit Texas Australian Labradoodles for more tips and tricks to enhance the life of your loyal Labradoodle companion.