1. Non Allergenic Puppies Are Born

When the deposit is processed your name is placed on the waiting list for the new Labradoodle puppies. Once the Australian Labradoodle puppies are born, you will receive a  “Litter Announcement” email. Pictures and videos including updates of the Australian Labradoodle puppies will be provided at regular intervals on our website.

2. Choosing Your Labradoodle Puppy

Our hypoallergenic Australian Labradoodle puppies are allocated at 8 weeks of age after the temperament testing is completed. All allocations are done based on temperament and personality testing that cannot be conducted accurately until the puppies are 7 weeks old. This approach ensures that there is “no last puppy chosen” issue and that the puppies are placed in homes that best match their temperament, desired personal characteristics, and your lifestyle.

3. Your Puppy Progress Updates

Once we have matched your family’s requirements to a specific Australian Doodle puppy, we will send you information and pictures of the puppy. When the Australian Labradoodle puppies are 7 weeks old, we will hold an Open House where you can bring your family to meet your new puppy.

4. Going Home

At 8-9 weeks old your Australian Doodle puppy will be ready to go home with you. Puppy take-home will be scheduled in the order the deposits were received.

Along with your new Labradoodle puppy, you will receive a bag of puppy goodies, sample of the puppy food your puppy has been receiving, a special gift from us, individual grooming instruction, and puppy care instructions.

The contract has to be signed in person at the time your puppy is picked up.

**The balance for your puppy must clear at least 1 week before the puppy is picked up.** 

5. Boarding Services

Please let us know if you require additional boarding or basic Labradoodle puppy training. We offer these services when we have our trainer for additional fee. Please contact us for details and pricing. 

6. Transportation & Shipping

We prefer that you pick up your puppy in person however, we understand that this may not be an option for you. Therefore, we offer other transport options for your convenience: 

  • We can drive your puppy and meet you half way (4-6 hrs one way). *Additional charges apply*

  • We can fly your puppy on our lap (NOT CARGO) via commercial airline to your location (you will be responsible for a round-trip airfare for the person escorting your puppy and the in-cabin pet fee).

  • Also, we can use direct air shipping, which ranges from around $500.00 and up depending on the location, availability, and date reservations are made.

    *Shipping charges are due before we ship your puppy to you and include air shipping crate, blanket, health certificate, USDA documents, destination charges, and delivery to airport, etc.