About the Australian Sheepadoodle

Old English Sheepdog (OES)

OES are large dogs that were originally used as working dogs. However due to their incredible intelligence, adaptability, friendliness, overall easy-going personality traits, OES quickly became favorite canine stars in the movie industry. Their amazingly sweet temperament and striking appearance landed OES in Coca-Cola advertisements, numerous Disney movies, and songs written about them including “Martha, My Dear…” by The Beatles.

Besides their renown movie star status, OES are also known for their low-shedding luxurious coat. Although OES have a double coat, according to AKC OES’ coat “is never excessive, and contrary to popular belief, it is no harder to care for such coat than it is to care for any other long coat.” OES are fun loving and eye-catching dogs. They look like large fluffy balls and if you ever see one, you will surely fall in love not only with their remarkable appearance but also their endearing laid-back and cheerful personality.

OES vs. Australian Sheepadoodles

OES are known to be goofballs. They are known as such because of their facial expressions and/or body language. This clownish/goofball behavior is why OES were picked to play many roles in the Disney moves. For example, if you are talking to your pup, they may tilt their head to the side as if they were questioning or being mesmerized by what you are saying. They may look at you in a funny way or just act as if they wanted to play with you.

As breeders, we get asked a lot of questions about the nature of our Australian Sheepadoodles. By breeding the OES with long lines of multigenerational Australian Labradoodles we get stable litters across the board. This means that all puppies in the litter have very similar calm nature and temperament. Australian Sheepadoodles are gentle giants that are sensitive to their family members’ needs very much like the multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. This is the greatest difference between the typical Sheepadoodle and the Australian Sheepadoodle. These dogs are a hidden treasure as no one else has crossed these two lines together. As breeders of these unique designer dogs, we provide our families with healthy, non-shedding, and allergy friendly family companions that are incredibly intelligent, calm, easy to train, and sociable.




Typical Sheepadoodle vs. Australian Sheepadoodle

Most breeders agree that about 50% of the puppy’s temperament is inherited from their parents and the other 50% is the direct result of their environment and how puppies are raised. Typically, Sheepadoodles are a cross between a Poodle and an OES. Usually, Poodles are high energy and OES are medium energy dogs. Hence, there can be a great variety of temperaments in litters of these two breeds. Some puppies may look like the OES and others like the Poodle which may not appeal to everyone. In addition, the puppies may be inconsistent in coats, temperaments, and conformation.

However, here at Texas Australian Labradoodles we pair our naturally calm and low energy Labradoodles with medium energy OES. As a result, we breed puppies that are consistently low energy and easily adaptable to their environment. Our Australian Sheepadoodles will easily match your family energy levels. If you love to hike, run, stroll in the park, or take a leisurely walk around your neighborhood and then relax at home, Australian Sheepadoodle will be delighted to keep you company. They are a perfect family pet as well as personal companions.

Australian Sheepadoodle Temperament

Australian Sheepadoodles make superb family pets as they are fun loving, super affectionate, loyal, tolerant dogs. They love to cuddle with their family members and their wonderfully gentle nature makes them ideal pets for people of all ages and families with kids.

Australian Sheepadoodles are known to match their family activity levels. If your family is active and likes to hike, run, or bike your Australian Sheepadoodle will be delighted to keep you company in these activities. However, if your family lifestyle is less active, your Australian Sheepadoodle will love nothing more than hang out with you in your back yard/front porch or just cuddle on the couch. Australian Sheepadoodles are super adaptable and are perfect as family pets.

Australian Sheepadoodle Coat Color and Pattern

Typical Sheepadoodle puppies are usually black and white, however as puppies mature their coat colors may include silver/gray and white and sometimes brown and white. However, because our Australian Sheepadoodles have the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle infusion, all puppies will be parti factored and their coloring may remain unchanged in adulthood.

Australian Sheepadoodle Grooming

Australian Sheepadoodles have very similar silky fleece coat that the Australian Labradoodles have hence grooming and coat care is exactly the same for both breeds. To read more about grooming the Australian Sheepadoodle click here.

How To Prepare For Your Australian Sheepadoodle Puppy

For more details on how to prepare to bring your Australian Sheepadoodle puppy home please click here.