Labradoodles are amazing family pets, but they can be a handful to manage.

If you have young children or babies in your home, taking special precautions regarding their interaction with your Labradoodle is important.

Here are five tips to help keep everyone safe and happy:

  1. Introduce Your Children Slowly: When bringing a new puppy into the home, giving your children time to adjust is important. Introduce them slowly and make sure they treat the puppy with respect.

  2. Set Boundaries: Make sure that everyone in the family knows what is acceptable behavior around the Labradoodle and establish ground rules. Designate an adult or older child as a “handler” to supervise the interactions between kids and pups.

  3. Teach Your Children How To Greet: Teach your children proper etiquette when it comes to greeting the Labradoodle, including not running up or yelling at them. Set a good example for your kids by keeping greetings relaxed and calm.

  4. Avoid Roughhousing: Monitoring playtime between kids and your Labradoodle is important. While they may seem to be having fun, roughhousing can create an unsafe or uncomfortable situation for the pup. If any sort of aggressive behavior is observed, end playtime immediately and take a break.

  5. Find A Good Breeder: When selecting your Labradoodle puppy, it’s important to do your research and select a reputable breeder. Ask questions about their breeding practices, temperament testing, and health history to ensure you get a puppy that will be well-suited for your family.

In addition to these tips, investing in professional dog training, when possible, is also important. Working with an experienced trainer can help ensure the Labradoodle is socialized properly and taught good behavior. This will give your children the best chance of having a safe, happy relationship with their furry family members.

Texas Australian Labradoodles

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