When it comes to the hottest days of summer, one vital thing for a dog owner to remember is how to keep their pet cool when the weather reaches unbearable temperatures. It is fairly natural to have the desire to stay indoors and bask in the oasis that is air conditioning, but dogs need to have some time throughout the day to go outside and exercise. But, your dog is still at risk of the same dangers that humans face when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. It is essential that as an owner you are always staying vigilant at cooling down your pup when they have finished frolicking outside, here are some tips that will assist you in doing so. 

  1. Keep Your Labradoodle Hydrated. Like humans, staying hydrated is key for staying healthy during the warm parts of the year. It will also help the animal cool down quickly. Always keep a keen eye on their bowl, to make sure it is never empty. 
  2. Feed Your Labradoodle Cold Treats. After being in the sun, it can be extremely refreshing to enjoy a popsicle or other frozen treats to cool down, the same can be said for dogs. You can actually find dog ice cream at most pet stores, or you can even make your own frozen treats. 
  3. Keep Your Pup Shaded. When you take your dog outside, be certain there is access to some time of shade for them to take a much-needed break. This can be huge for making sure your dog is kept at a comfortable temperature. 
  4. Keep Your Dog Properly Groomed. When your labradoodle has a long, thick coat, it can insulate the heat and become dangerous for your Labradoodle. It is a good rule of thumb to groom your dog on a frequent basis, to keep it cool and comfortable. 
  5. Buy a Kiddie Pool. Whether or not you have children, a kiddie pool is a must-have for the warm, summer months. Labradoodles love to play in the water, and it also keeps their body’s temperatures at a healthy level. 

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