There are many tasks that come hand-in-hand with owning a Australian Labradoodle including exercising, training, spending time with, and feeding your puppy. There are some owners that know what they’re going to name their puppy long before they even begin their Labradoodle parent duties. On the other hand, some owners take a while to pick the perfect name. This important decision can prove to be difficult, because they want to make sure that it is the perfect name and that it fits their puppy well. Finding the perfect name for the newest member of the family may not be as simple as it seems, but when you finally find a name that fits, you’ll be glad you took the extra time. The following are a few ideas for naming your Australian Labradoodle.

Celebrity Names:

Many people have favorite celebrities and role models that have affected their lives in some way or another. Whether this character or person is fictional or living doesn’t matter, either can be potential names for your favorite Labradoodle. 

Favorite Food:

Everybody loves food and has a personal connection to your favorites. This one might be a little out of left field but could be a cute fit for your new best friend. A name like Biscuit, Peaches, or T-Bone could be the perfect name for your furry pet. 

People Names:

Perhaps you have had a name in mind for a child, but for whatever reason you’re done having children or your spouse has previously vetoed this name for a little human. You still like the name but have nowhere to use it. Or maybe you have a grandparent or uncle who you look up to or who just happens to have a name you enjoy. Try it out on your Labradoodle puppy and see if it fits their look and personality.

Names Based on Looks: 

There are many names that can be matched to your Labradoodle puppy based purely on their physical coloring or characteristics. Names such as Snowball, Charcoal, and Caramel describe the color of the puppy bearing them. Also, depending on where their coloring is or if it creates certain patterns, you may want to name them accordingly. For instance, a name like Bandit may suit a Larabadoodle with dark fur around their eyes. If they have random patches of color on their coat, a name like Patches may work nicely.

Your Background:

Names can blossom from a variety of places. For example, you can choose an important place or moment in your past. You could name your new pet the name of a town that you once lived, or even something that stands out to you from your culture or religion. 

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