Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, every one of us has had to pivot and change the way we do things to keep our families and ourselves safe. For some of us, that means working from home. And if you’ve never had to work from home, you’re now very familiar with the avalanche of potential distractions. For dog owners, one of these distractions may be a fur baby who is really excited to spend more time with you. But how do you balance giving your Labradoodle the attention he needs and finishing your work tasks for the day? Here are some tips and tricks for retaining your paycheck, as well as your sanity. 

Set aside time to play with your Australian Labradoodle

When you have an office to go to everyday, your boss and coworkers can help keep you accountable and it is often easier to stay on task and manage your time. But at home, you have to create that environment yourself. To prevent your Labradoodle or other distractions from wasting your work time, set aside time to play with your four-legged friend and let it burn off energy. This is also a great way to reinforce obedience with your dog. 

Create a separate workspace which your pet cannot enter

The best way to ensure that your dog does not interfere with your work is by not letting them inside your workspace. They can have access to the rest of your home but leave the workspace for work. This can help you achieve the balance that you need to be productive. 

Never give into whining for attention

Whining is a way for dogs to communicate, and is useful in situations where a dog is hurt or stressed. Sometimes your Labradoodle may whine to communicate that a potty break is needed, obviously in this situation it’s best to take him outside. But automatically responding to whining with attention may reinforce this behavior, and cause him to whine about everything. Your Labradoodle puppy may do whatever he can to get the attention that he is used to getting when you’re home, including whining, crying, and displaying some other naughty behavior.

Keep your Labradoodle distracted and well exercised

A bored or unexercised puppy may engage in troublesome behaviors that he has never exhibited before. The best solution? Prevention.

If you know you will be staying home to work, take your puppy for an early walk. This way, both of you will stay busy… You can accomplish your work-goals for the day and your Labradoodle puppy will be busy resting and getting ready for his afternoon adventures. It is key that you keep your puppy from getting bored by providing adequate exercise and a wide variety of chew toys to keep him busy for a long time. 

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