Are you on the hunt for a new four-legged friend? Then the first question you’re probably asking yourself is what type of pup is right for your home. With so many types of dog breeds, it can be overwhelming to find one that has the appropriate activity-level, temperament, and trainability for your family’s needs. Australian Labradoodles check all of the boxes.

Here are a few reasons the Australian Labradoodle is the perfect family pet. 

  1. Hypoallergenic 

The Australian Labradoodle was originally bred to be a non-shedding guide dog. Their low-allergen coat is what quickly helped the breed gain popularity. But, keep in mind that not all Labradoodles are created equal. If your main concern is allergens, remember that different generations and types of Labradoodles have varying coat types. Specifically look for one with a fleece or wool coat, preferably with non-shedding parents and grandparents. 

  1. Trainability

Considering Poodles and Labradors are both known for their intelligence, it’s not surprising that Labradoodles are highly trainable. They are generally eager to learn and respond well to positive reinforcement.

But as it is with all dogs, owners are ultimately responsible for socializing and training their puppy to encourage positive behavior. Even the most trainable breeds can exhibit unwanted behavior without consistent consequences.

  1. Reliable Temperament

Because this breed has been around for over three decades, their temperament is often predictable. They have been hailed as the perfect family pet because they’re even-tempered around young children, but still energetic and playful. 

Reputable breeders will only breed dogs with favorable temperaments and some unpredictability may occur with first-generation Labradoodles. Texas Australian Labradoodle puppies exceed the standards of the WALA, ALCA, and ALAA for genetic testing and demeanor. 

  1. Loveable

Australian Labradoodles love everyone and everyone loves them. In a safe and controlled environment, let them experience and explore their world. Be sure to ask your Labradoodle breeder what socialization plan they utilized and continue implementing those practices. 

Texas Australian Labradoodle puppies are introduced to specific activities, toys, places, and strangers. We choose to follow Dr. Sophia Yin’s “Puppy Socialization Checklist” to ensure well-balanced and well-adjusted Labradoodles.

Australian Labradoodles are the perfect family companion, with an eagerness to learn and intelligence that make them a dream to train. With consistent, early training and socialization, you will have a calm and happy pet. But working with a reputable breeder is a must. Texas Australian Labradoodles is a premier multigenerational Australian Labradoodle breeder in San Antonio that strives to breed happy and healthy puppies. To learn more about our philosophy and credentials, visit the “Our Philosophy” page on our website.