We all look for healthy snack choices for our beloved pets, but with so many choices out there, it is almost impossible to find what you’re looking for. Many of the snacks that claim they are healthy are not. Additives and preservatives can be found in almost all dog and puppy snacks available.

Texas Australian Labradoodles have tried hundreds of commercially available snacks and treats. Some of the snacks our dogs had refused to eat, and others did not look or smell naturally. Our journey took us to SugarBay Creations and we found that we shared their frustration of providing wholesome, healthy and natural products for our four-legged babies.


What makes SugarBay Creations different? Lets start with their motto. Simple ingredients for healthy and happy pups. We found that our dogs and puppies loved their snacks and training treats and that they contain no preservatives or artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Have you ever bought “natural” treats thinking that they would be good for your labradoodle puppy only to find that he does not want to eat it? Well, SugarBay Creations offer two categories of snacks: Snack Treats and Training Treats. We find that these two categories are sufficient for any Australian Labradoodles owner.


Training Treats: 

Oatmeal Liver Bites is a bite sized snack that is perfect for training. These little morsels are packed with natural flavors and elicits great motivation even from stubborn pets. It is a simple soft and chewy snack made from 100% real ingredients. These training treats do not contain unnecessary growth hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines. This wholesome snack contains only three simple ingredients, including liver, organic oats and a touch of organically grown pitted green olives, these provide the optimum nutritional value to your pets.

These treats are perfect as they will not fill up your labradoodle’s little belly, yet your puppy will work extra hard to get these high value rewards!


Snack Treats:

Tuna Wafers are great and nutritious. These snack treats are made with organic oats and eggs from free range chickens. This treat is made from Non GMO wild caught Albacore Tuna packed in water with no added salt, which provides a healthy, protein packed choice with all the taste and none of the smell of regular canned tuna. A bit of 100% real cheddar cheese, adds the taste that pups go crazy for!


Pumpkin Peanut Butter Bones offer not only great taste but also many health benefits that pumpkin offer. These Pumpkin Peanut Butter Bones are simply made of just that! Organically grown pumpkins, all-natural peanut butter with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, free range eggs, organic coconut oil, and organic oats.


Texas Australian Labradoodles have personally met and spoken with the devoted Weimaraner owner and creator of SugarBay Creations. She informed me that she was very frustrated with the expensive treats she was buying for her dogs only to have them refuse to eat them a couple of weeks after they were opened. Also, she was done spending money on snacks that smelled of chemicals after opening a sealed bag. She therefore was forced to look to other sources for natural snacks that contained no preservatives and no artificial flavorings. After a long journey researching health-benefits of common ingredients for pets, she created these training tidbits and snacks that are highly desired by all kinds of pets. For specific health benefits of ingredients used in SugarBay Creations’ puppy and dog snacks, please visit their website here.